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During the early 1980s, natural gas was discovered in the Gulf of Thailand. With this discovery, the government supported the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), fostering strong demand for large gas storage tanks.

On the 21 April 1982, Unimit Engineering PCL was established to fill that demand and to minimize reliance on imports. Joining forces with a Taiwanese engineer, who possessed considerable knowledge, skill, and experience in the design and production of large gas tanks, the company started to design and produce tanks with the highest safety standard, using high-quality steel and  careful welding process. Every welding point was tested and inspected by X-ray and Hydro-static tests.

Due to the increasing demand of its customers and the continuous expansion of its business, the company has increased its registered capital several times . Over the years, the company has developed new production processes to extend its business into sectors other than the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Even though Unimit started solely as a manufacturer of LPG and other gas storage containers, at present,  its business activities cover five categories:

1. Large pressure vessels and other facilities and parts (qualified ASME standard):
• Spherical tanks, vertical columns, horizontal drums for the storage of pressurized gases such as LPG, ammonium (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), liquid nitrogen (N2)
• Transportable vessels/tanks to be installed on trucks or rail cars (i.e. lorry trucks)
• Distillation towers/columns for oil refineries and petrochemical industry
• Reactors used in various industries
• Jacketed vessels, namely two-layered pressure vessels, used in the food industry
• Boilers used in various industries
• Heat exchangers used by oil refineries and petrochemical industry
• Air receivers and steam drums (used in power plants)
2. Machinery Parts:
• Fan casings for air pre-heater parts (used in power plants)
• Emission stacks and incinerator parts (used by industrial plants)
• Waste water treatment and seawater desalinization systems
3. Non-Pressure Tanks: large chemical API tanks for chemicals or resins, tank farms at oil refineries
4. Steel Structures: piping, stand, rack, support, mostly for the petrochemical, energy, and chemical sectors
5. Mechanical Installation and Assembly of Machinery Parts and Equipment: mostly in conjunction with supply of pressure vessels and steel structures, but also as stand alone project.

While students / trainees at Unimit Engineering Public Company Limited Students / students will gain knowledge and Can bring knowledge From studies to use in actual operations And have real experiences which can lead to It can be used in further study and career.